Embroidered Rose Vans

How To Get Patches For Your Embroidered Rose Vans Sneakers

There are some super-cool Vans sneakers that make you feel like you are missing a trick or something. For instance, those patches for your embroidered rose Vans are so awesome they make your own Vans look decidedly plain. Perhaps, seeing as they are so cool, you must have decided they cost an arm and a leg to have sneakers with designs like that.

That couldn't be further from the truth. As matter of fact, the embroidered rose Vans are easy to get and they cost less than $10 to have them affixed to your sneakers. It gets even better, you can do it yourself at home.

Assuming you have already purchased your cool Vans already, all you need to buy are a couple of embroidered rose patches. One for each shoe. You can get those from eBay. The cost depends on the material used to make the rose patch, the type of design and the store selling it on eBay. Most of them go for between $2 and $10.

So, if you have made up your mind to fix the embroidered rose patch on your Vans, here is how you can do it yourself.

The materials you need

    Iron Water or spray bottle with water in it. Embroidered rose patch Several pieces of cloth Your Vans Clean towel

Getting the embroidered rose patch

As earlier stated, the easiest place to get them is eBay. Simply open the website and type 'embroidered rose patch vans' in the search bar. Hit enter to bring up the search results.

You would see many rose patches of different colors. Chose the one that appeals to you and fits your budget. Go to checkout and complete your order.

How long the rose patch gets to you depends on your location and the mode of delivery you chose.

Customizing your Vans with Embroidered rose patch

    Plug your iron into the mains Now, stuff the pieces of clothes inside the sneakers to give you a firm surface to work with. Stuff in as many pieces until you are satisfied with the firmness of the Vans. While the iron is heating up, arrange the rose patch on the outside quarter of your Vans. Adjust the patch until you are satisfied with the position. Get a section of the towel wet with water. You can use the spray bottle containing water to get the towel wet. Cover the rose patch with the wet towel. When the iron is hot, place it firmly on the wet portion of the towel covering the patch. Hold it in position for about 15 seconds. Repeat this about two more times. Remove the pieces of cloths inside your sneakers. Wet the towel with the spray can; place it inside the shoe directly under the rose patch. Rest the shoe on its side on your work table. Repeat step 6 for the inside of the shoe. Repeat all the steps for the second Vans.

That is all. You now have your own Vans with embroidered rose patch.

Don’t be alarmed that the patch wouldn't stick to your Vans. The rose patch was already smeared with the right sort of glue by the makers. That is why you don't need to buy glue again. The heat from the iron does the basic job of melting the dried glue so the rose patch sticks to the surface of the Vans.

Enjoy your new-look Vans.